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Women of Grace Altar Society

Contact: Robin Basham or Cathy Figlestahler

Our mission is to provide support to our pastor, focusing on the beautification and maintenance of the altar and worship space, in conjunction with other parish groups and within liturgical guidelines.  We support the mission of our church through our love, labor, and prayers for all who participate in the body of Christ, which comes to us on the altar and draws us all together.  Objectives . . .  As a special ministry, we attend to the care of the altar and vestments. We also provide the altar linens, flowers, candles, and sacred vessels.  Additionally, we support our church by focusing our work on maintaining and enhancing the interior of the church, for the celebration of the Mass by: 

¨ Identifying projects to our pastor, and funding these projects from our budget

¨ Supporting other church projects and functions whenever possible

¨ Considering the needs of our parish staff and members

¨  Opening our arms to continually encourage and welcome all women of the parish, young and old, to join us in our quest to fulfill our mission.  

Membership Annual Dues: $20.00

( dues are not necessary to join)

Benefits of membership include:

A Mass and Rosary offered following death, $50.00 donation to St. Lawrence Building Fund in your memory.

1st Friday Masses offered for all deceased members and a Mass offered for each member  in the month of her birthday.

Tina at work
jackie and Hannah
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