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St. Lawrence Ministries

Baptism/Funeral/Marriage Coordinator: Pat Miller

Finance Council: Tom Mahl



Gaming Committee:  Anna Courtney

CRE: Barbara Sweeney 

Liturgy Committee: Deacon Chris 

Sacristans: Robin Basham 

Altar Society: Cathy Figlestahler & Robin Basham

Altar Servers: Nathaniel Lykins

Eucharistic Minsters: Pat Miller

Lectors/Martha’s Ministry: Sue Litkenhus

Greeters: Maria Cataldi 

Bible Study/Adoration: Marcia Roark

Faith Formation/RCIA: Harry Craft

Open Hands Food Pantry:  Andrea Dull and Lisa Cann

Social Hour: Joe Monette

Hispanic Committee: Maria Gonzalez   859-705-8527

Peace & Justice: Marcie Heil

Rosary Makers:  Harry Craft

Knights of Columbus: J. R. Courtney

Sick & Homebound Ministry: Joy Bozorgzad and Sally Higgins

Mowing Team: Bob Figlestahler

Landscape: Tony Silverman

Young Adult Coordinator: Lisa Banner




Parish Services

INFANT BAPTISM: It is necessary for parents to attend an instructional session on baptism prior to celebration of the sacrament for their child(ren).Contact parish office @ 502.839.6381.


R.C.I.A: It is necessary for those who wish to become Catholic to participate in this process of formation. Contact Harry Craft @ 502.472.6607 for details.


MARRIAGE: Couples planning to be married at St. Lawrence Church are to contact the parish office, Deacon or the Priest at least 6 months in advance.


MINISTRY TO THE SICK: For the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, call the parish office or priest anytime. Please notify us for visits and or Communion calls to the sick, shut-ins and those in hospitals.


MEMBERSHIP IN THE PARISH: New parishioners are always welcome. Contact the parish office to register.

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